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I often eat cold foods direct from the fridge
I often take cold / iced drinks
I often drink cold or iced drinks with meals
I often eat dry foods e.g. rice cakes, crackers, dried fruit, buscuits, crisps
I often drink more than 2 cups of black or green tea per day
I often drink more than 1 unit of alcohol per day, or binge drink
I often eat raw vegetables
I often eat more than 1 serving of raw fruit per day
I often skip meals, go hungry without eating, or knowingly undereat
I have recently done a cleansing or detox program
I have recently done a fast that lasted more than 1 day
I fast for a day or more on a regular basis, more than 1 day per fortnight
I often delay my urge for going to the toilet (hold back my urge to urinate or deficate)
I often eat whilst standing or driving the car
I often eat whilst walking
I often eat whilst working at my computer
I often eat whilst watching TV or reading
I often eat in a hurry, I rush my food
I often eat at irregular times of the day, I have no fixed meals scedule
I often smoke tobacco more than once per day
I often smoke or consume Cannabis more than once per fortnight
I often use nicotine (e-cigerettes) more than once per day
I often drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day
I use stronger stimulants (cocainne, MDMA, designer drugs) on a habitual basis (> 4x / year)
I often do strong physical exercise / sport. It leaves me feeling tired or sore afterwards
I often push myself beyond my limits when doing physical exercise
I often do moderate to strong physical exercise in the evening
When I do physical exercise I often feel weak, lightheaded, shakey, drained, exhausted
In general I have quite a sedentary lifestyle. I do very little physical exercise
I rarely do any gentle exercise (such as walking, yoga, swimming, stretching, etc)
When going to the toilet, I tend sit on the toilet (rather than squatting)
When going to the toilet, I often have to strain to empty my bowel
In general, I feel like I could benefit from a more sleep
I tend to get less sleep that I feel I need
I often sleep for less than 8 hours
I often stay up late beyond my natural point of tiredness
I am often in front of a screen (TV, computer, tablet) after 20h
In order to get to sleep I need to read or watch TV
I currently work night shifts (more than 1 per fortnight)
I often sleep in a noisy environment
My bed feels uncomftable
In general, I have no regulariy when it comes to sleeping scedule
I often feel drained, depleted, empty, very sleepy after lovemaking
In order to get sexual satisfaction, I often need to use stronger forms of stimulation
I often consent to sexual activity without really wanting to
The act of sex often causes me physical pain or discomfort, but I do it anyway
The act of sex often causes me emotional pain or discomfort, but I do it anyway
I regularly practice semen retention and often experience tension or discomfort in my scrotum
In order to practice semen retention / inejaculation, I often use a strong perinium contraction or finger-lock
My environment is often cold e.g. airconditioned, outdoors, supermarket, fisherman etc
My environment is often dry e.g. outdoors in dry climate, airconditioned, etc.
My environment is often dry + hot e.g. ventilated air heating
My environment is often quite noisy
My environment is often quite hectic
My life is often very stressfull i.e. competative, deadlines, juggle many things
My life is often quite mentally challenging e.g. lawyer, doctor, manager, politician
I often use a computer for a large part of the day
I often stand up for long hours e.g. in a shop
I often rush about from place to place for a large part of the day
I often lift or carry heavy objects
I often talk a lot - i.e lecturing, teaching etc.
I often spend long hours in a car or van or lorry etc.
I often exert myself physically - i.e. builder, nurse, farmer etc.
I often travel long distances on a regular basis
I often work long hours
I often work irregular shifts
At home I often use a computer for a large part of the day, or in the evenings
The people I live with cause me anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, detachment
My home life causes me stress, anxiety, fear, worry
I have recently moved home (within last 2 months)
I often spend more than 1 hour per day in a car, bus, train...
I often travel long distances (more than 12 times per year)
I currently live in a dry climate
I currently live in a cold climate
I currently live in a windy climate
I currently live in a changeable climate (or travel frequently)
I currently live at high altitude
Is it currently the autumn season - i.e. windy, cold, dry
The seasons are currently changing (especially early spring or early autumn)
I am going through puberty
I am approaching or passing through menopause
I am 60 years or older
I am pregnant or have recently experienced abortion




*Les coefficients sont exprimés par un score de brut (simple addition de nombre de reponses).

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